SWIFT Framework .NET 2011.3

SWIFT Framework.NET is a system for capturing, validation and processing SWIFT messages within an organization’s information systems infrastructure. SWIFT Framework.NET allows seamless integration into existing IT systems as well as can be a base to build up a clean and fully compatible SWIFT messaging system.

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  • Complex SWIFT messaging solution running on the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Generic system for loading, storing and validation of SWIFT messages
  • Microsoft BizTalk XML schema and object model compatible without the need to install BizTalk itself
  • SWIFT Framework contains over 570,000 lines of code
  • The object model contains 323 SWIFT Message Types



All the SWIFT messages categories are supported. SWIFT MT messages are divided into 10 categories related to particular financial instruments or services:

  • MT0xx System Messages 
    MT008, MT009, MT010, MT011, MT012, MT015, MT019, MT020, MT021, MT022, MT023, MT028, MT029, MT031, MT032, MT035, MT036, MT037, MT041, MT042, MT043, MT044, MT045, MT046, MT047, MT048, MT049, MT051, MT052, MT055, MT056, MT057, MT061, MT062, MT063, MT064, MT065, MT066, MT067, MT068, MT069, MT072, MT073, MT074, MT075, MT076, MT077, MT081, MT082, MT083, MT085, MT087, MT090, MT092, MT094, MT096, MT097, MTS02, MTS03, MTS05, MTS06, MTS12, MTS13, MTS14, MTS15, MTS21_FIN_ACKNAK, MTS22, MTS23, MTS25, MTS26, MTS33, MTS35, MTS42, MTS43
  • MT1xx Customer Payments and Cheques 
    MT101, MT102, MT102PLUS, MT103, MT103PLUS, MT104, MT105, MT107, MT110, MT111, MT112, MT190, MT191, MT192, MT195, MT196, MT198, MT199
  • MT2xx Financial Institution Transfers 
    MT200, MT201, MT202, MT202COV, MT203, MT204, MT205, MT205COV, MT207, MT210, MT256, MT290, MT291, MT292, MT293, MT295, MT296, MT298, MT299
  • MT3xx Treasury Markets 
    MT300, MT303, MT304, MT305, MT306, MT307, MT320, MT321, MT330, MT340, MT341, MT350, MT360, MT361, MT362, MT364, MT365, MT380, MT381, MT390, MT391, MT392, MT395, MT396, MT398, MT399
  • MT4xx Collection and Cash Letters 
    MT400, MT405, MT410, MT412, MT416, MT420, MT422, MT430, MT450, MT455, MT456, MT490, MT491, MT492, MT495, MT496, MT498, MT499
  • MT5xx Securities Markets 
    MT500, MT501, MT502, MT503, MT504, MT505, MT506, MT507, MT508, MT509, MT510, MT513, MT514, MT515, MT516, MT517, MT518, MT519, MT524, MT526, MT527, MT528, MT529, MT530, MT535, MT536, MT537, MT538, MT540, MT541, MT542, MT543, MT544, MT545, MT546, MT547, MT548, MT549, MT558, MT559, MT564, MT565, MT566, MT567, MT568, MT569, MT574_IRSLST, MT574_W8BENO, MT575, MT576, MT577, MT578, MT579, MT581, MT582, MT584, MT586, MT587, MT588, MT589, MT590, MT591, MT592, MT595, MT596, MT598, MT599
  • MT6xx Treasury Markets - Metals and Syndications 
    MT600, MT601, MT604, MT605, MT606, MT607, MT608, MT609, MT620, MT643, MT644, MT646, MT649, MT690, MT691, MT692, MT695, MT696, MT698, MT699
  • MT7xx Documentary Credits and Guarantees 
    MT700, MT701, MT705, MT707, MT710, MT711, MT720, MT721, MT730, MT732, MT734, MT740, MT742, MT747, MT750, MT752, MT754, MT756, MT760, MT767, MT768, MT769, MT790, MT791, MT792, MT795, MT796, MT798, MT799
  • MT8xx Travelers’ Cheques 
    MT800, MT801, MT802, MT824, MT890, MT891, MT892, MT895, MT896, MT898, MT899
  • MT9xx Cash Management and Customer Status 
    MT900, MT910, MT920, MT935, MT940, MT941, MT942, MT950, MT970, MT971, MT972, MT973, MT985, MT986, MT990, MT991, MT992, MT995, MT996, MT998, MT999


SWIFT Framework .NET enables validation based on message (or message block) properties and validation based on SWIFT tags. These two ways can be combined and customized. Default message validation can be extended by own specification or it can be completely replaced. This enables integrators to create simple business rules being built-in the messaging framework of the solution.

  • Complex generic validation rules
  • SWIFT Tag Validators
  • Property Validators

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